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Are you experiencing hair loss? Whether your hair at the front is receding or you’re going bald on top, at the back or the sides, the result is undesirable to many. If you’re someone who wishes to retain their hair in all its glory, our cosmetic doctors have a range of excellent hair loss treatments. Our treatments will help restore the appearance of a fuller head of hair, leaving you with renewed self-confidence. 

We have some of the finest cosmetic doctors available with an excellent track record for providing clients with results that are truly life changing. We want you to leave feeling happy and confident, which is why we’ll tailor our treatments to your needs. Our hair transplant and hair restoration treatments are second-to-none, and we offer an array of options to cover all the bases. 

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The Best Hair Treatments in Bournemouth 

If you’re looking for the best hair treatments in Bournemouth to combat the effects of hair loss, look no further than Tajmeel Clinic. We specialise in offering bespoke treatments that deliver proven results that last for months, even years. 

You can learn more about our range of hair treatments below and what the benefits for each are. 

Our Range of Hair Treatments 

Our range of hair treatments is extensive, and includes: 



At Tajmeel Clinic, we offer three types of hair transplant – hair, beard, and eyebrow. You can read a little about each of these transplants below. 

Hair Transplants  

Whether because of illness, damage, or genetics, hair loss can have a devastating impact on a person’s well-being. Hair loss ranges from receding or thinning of the hairline and bald patches. At Tajmeel Clinic, we make excellent use of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) to transplant hair, completely covering areas of concern and leaving the person with fuller, thicker hair. 

FUE involves creating a small cut then removing hair follicles from the donor area before transplanting them to the bald/ thinning spots. FUT differs in that hair follicles are collected and made into a tiny, natural-looking graft. These are then implanted. 

Beard Transplants  

Almost 50% of men report that they cannot grow a full, healthy beard. Those that try find that the beard is patchy, looks unsightly, or is non-existent. While you can choose to go clean shaven, if your heart is set on growing a beard, we can help. 

We utilise the same FUE and FUT techniques to transplant hair, leaving you with a well-defined, masculine beard that’ll be the envy of your friends and family. 

Eyebrow Transplants  

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent parts of the face. When they are absent, it’s very noticeable and greatly impacts the overall appearance of the face. Fortunately, if you’re in such a predicament, our FUE technique can also be utilised to transplant hair follicles, creating new, healthy, fuller, thicker eyebrows. 

Why You Should Get a Hair Transplant  

Hair transplants are one of the most effective treatments for completely reversing hair loss. The process takes time, but the results are well worth the wait. Here are five reasons why you should get a hair transplant: 

  • Improved Looks 
  • Permanent Solution 
  • Say Goodbye to Balding 
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Cost-Effective 

Hair transplant treatments are great at tackling baldness, which is a major issue with hair loss. They fill in the bald patches and improve the hairs overall appearance, leaving a person feeling more confident and attractive. 

These treatments offer the most permanent solution available. While other hair treatments might only last a limited time, hair transplants can last for a long time, and can even be permanent. 

While carrying out a hair transplant, our doctors target any areas where the hair is receding, baldness is setting in, or the hair is thinning. Once done, you can say goodbye to baldness and widow’s peaks, and hello to a fuller, thicker head of hair. 

Transplanted hair literally works like regular hair – after all, we’re transplanting living hair follicles. So, there’s no special routine you need to follow or chemicals you need to buy. Just maintain the new hair as you would your existing hair. 

As a one-time-procedure, hair transplants are among the most cost-effective hair loss treatments available. So, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Scalp Micropigmentation  

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) doesn’t involve transplanting hair, rather it involves concealing the signs of hair loss. It involves using micro-needles to deliver pigment into the scalp. This creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles, leaving you with the appearance of a full head of hair. 

SMP restores receding hairlines, thickens thinning hair, camouflages scarring, and creates the appearance of a shaved head. It is entirely non-invasive, and we’ll select the right pigment to match your natural hair colour. 

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation  

Regardless of who you are, if you’re experiencing hair loss, then you’ll likely be a candidate for scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Hair loss can be hugely impactful to a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence, so it’s a relief to know that SMP offers a well-rounded solution, with benefits that include: 

  • Increased Self-Confidence 
  • Richer, More Defined Hair 
  • Less Maintenance 
  • Younger Appearance 
  • Realistic Looking 
  • Conceals Imperfections 

This first one needs know explanation – if hair loss has left you lacking self-confidence, then restoring your hair will undoubtedly help. 

With a fuller head of hair, your hair styles will look richer and more defined. If you’ve ever looked at someone with a big mop of carefully styled hair on their head, you’ll know precisely what this means. It’s the look you’ve long wanted for yourself. SMP simulates this effect perfectly. 

Having a fuller head of hair means more time spent in front of the mirror or keeping it clean. SMP provides the appearance of a fuller head of hair without the maintenance. 

We often equate less hair with age, and while age doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it, hair loss unfortunately makes people look older. So, SMP will help by making you look younger. 

The effects of SMP are fully realistic, so nobody will be able to tell the difference, even looking directly at you. 

Lastly, SMP conceals imperfections, including with your hair itself or with your scalp, such as birthmarks, uneven skin tone, etc. 


Regenera is a revolutionary treatment that involves the use of Rigeneracons and Adipecons. These are mechanical disruptors that disrupt biological tissues, including connective, derma, and bone tissue, dental pulp, and fat. 

Using Regenera, we can collect micro-grafts while minimising invasiveness and in a way that’s homologous and autologous. A suspension is created that can be used on its own or with other devices. Following disintegration of the micro-grafts, the viability is around 75-80%. 

Between 5,000 and 8,000 micro-grafts can be acquired per ml of lipoaspirate used, and that’s all thanks to the power of Regenera HBW technology. To learn more about Regenera and how it can help with hair loss, speak to our team now. 

Why You Should Get Regenera Treatment   

Regenera has certainly taken the world by storm, providing clients with an effective, revolutionary way to overcome the consequences of hair loss. Here are some reasons why you should consider a Regenera treatment when you call Tajmeel Clinic: 

  • Quick to Carry Out 
  • Tested for Safety and Efficacy 
  • Can be Combined with Other Hair Loss Treatments 
  • Customised to Your Hair and Circumstances 
  • Results Take Only a Month to Show 
  • Can be Administered in Addition to Hair Transplants 
  • No Need to Shave the Donor Areas 
  • 100% Natural 
  • No Extreme Cautionary Restrictions to Follow 
  • Only One Session is Needed 

These treatments are quick to carry out, usually taking only around an hour and can be used in conjunction with hair growth supplements, sprays, laser therapy, or other prescribed treatments. 

Each person is different, and so the treatment can be tailored to your hair type, ensuring that you see the best results. 

A recent study found that recipients were noticing results in anywhere from one to six months. And it also benefits recipients greatly regarding hair quantity and thickness. Results may vary. 

While hair transplants replace lost hair, they don’t prevent further hair loss. That’s where Regenera can help, as it can maintain the new hair growth. 

There’s no need to shave balding areas – a precise assessment is performed and the Regenera is injected where needed for balanced hair growth. And because Regenera utilises an autologous micrografting technology, using cells or tissue from your body, it’s entirely natural. 

You won’t need to change your lifestyle in any drastic way, and you’ll be done after a single session, making Regenera a very cost-effective treatment. 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment  

PRP hair treatments involves taking some of the client’s blood. This is placed into a centrifuge which separates out the platelet rich plasma from the unwanted components, which are discarded. The PRP is then administered to the areas of hair loss where they induce collagen growth and tissue regeneration.  

This improves skin tone and promotes the growth of stronger, healthier, thicker hair. 

Benefits of PRP  

For hair loss, PRP hair treatments are all the rage right now, and with good reason. As stated above, PRP treatments utilise the full healing power of our bodies, wielding it to great effect. Many recipients experience an abundance of healthy hair growth (not simulated, actual hair). PRP treatments are, therefore, highly beneficial for the following reasons: 

  • Provides Complete Rejuvenation 
  • Ideal for Delicate and Challenging to Reach Areas 
  • Natural Type of Cosmetic Process 
  • Safe 
  • Long-Lasting Results 

Because PRP treatments stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, this aids in tightening and thickening the skin. It smooths wrinkles and fine lines on the surface and targets plasma cells which facilitate hair growth. This improves the scalp’s tone, skin texture and the growth and quality of hair. 

PRP treatments are conducted in such a way (separating plasma from blood) and injected using small needles. This precision approach makes PRP useful for treating challenging and delicate areas. 

As PRP treatments utilise the body’s own plasma, we’re introducing no foreign components. Because of this, the procedure is entirely natural and completely non-reliant on the use of man-made cosmetic ingredients. 

And because it makes use of natural components taken from our bodies, there’s literally no risk of a reaction. The treatment is entirely safe. 

Once completed, the effects of PRP treatments can last anywhere from 12-18 months or longer with the right care. We’ll ensure you receive aftercare instructions, so you know precisely what to do. 

Other Aesthetic Treatments We Offer at Tajmeel Clinic  

At Tajmeel Clinic, we recognise that no two client’s needs are necessarily the same. You might be here regarding something unrelated to your hair. To that end, we offer a range of other aesthetic treatments, including: 

Why Come to Us for Hair Treatments Bournemouth 

So, if you’re tired of living with the consequences of hair loss and would like to recapture the hairline you once boasted, look no further than Tajmeel Clinic. As explained above, we offer a range of high-quality hair treatments, such as PRP hair treatments intended to aid those losing their hair. 

Our treatments are quick, effective, and relatively pain-free. You’ll experience incredible results that’ll restore your hairline and leave you with renewed confidence. Our cosmetic doctors are always willing to discuss our hair loss remedies and to answer any questions our clients might have or alleviate any concerns. 

If you would like to arrange a consultation or direct any questions to our capable team, the quickest way is to call our clinic on 01202 245033. You can also get in touch in writing if you prefer by filling out our online contact form or emailing [email protected], and we’ll reply as soon as possible. 

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