“The service is amazing. Friendly and professional. The clinic is exceptionally clean. Staff are knowledgeable and only advise what you really need. They don’t push you to get something that is not suitable. I have been their customer for a while and I just brought a friend with me today. She loves this place too!”

Jackie Winitkun

“Without exaggeration Tajmeel Clinic provides an outstanding service. Initially I had a hair transplant and since been back for more treatments. I am amazed by the level of care and outcome.

Husband and wife team could not be more generously conscientious, honest and affordable , resulting in hugely impressive results. No one can believe I’ve had a transplant as it looks so natural. Attention to detail and discussion of what I want to achieve is top priority.”


“I had filler here a couple of months ago. I had asked for 1ml but I had concerns that it wouldn’t look as natural as I wanted. He was very professional and when he had put 0.8ml in he stopped and said he could put in the rest but he felt 0.8 was the perfect amount for a more natural look that I was going for. I really appreciated his honesty and felt he had each patients best interests and views. I would definitely come back here!”

Matilda Littler

“I came here for SMP after 20 years dealign with Alopecia Areata; the comb overs finally became too difficult and too tragic so I decided to whip off the hair and give SMP a try. The results are increadibly good and the service from Tajmeel Clinic simply outstanding. My treatment was a fraction of the cost quotes to me by Vinci with a more personal, flexible, and friendly service to boot. It’s changed my life for the better. Fantastic!”

James Starling

“Excellent service from professional staff with great clinical knowledge. Prices are very reasonable and after 3 treatments over the past 18 months I can highly recommend.”

Katheryn Meider

“An amazing up and coming Scalp Micropigmentation Artist. Very detailed and wonderful service. I highly recommend Tajmeel Clinic!”

Jen Karns

“Absolutely brilliant clinic! I had a treatment there today, the doctor was really good. The clinic was very clean and the doctor ensured he practiced in a sterile way. Not only was the result of the treatment very good, I asked the doctor if I needed the same treatment in a different area. The doctor was honest with me and stated I did not need it in that area. This lead me to have more faith in his professional and personal judgement because he could of said yes so I gave him more money. Not only was the doctor great so was the receptionist, she was friendly and offered me reassurance. I will not be going to any other clinic in the future and will be using the Tajmeel clinic.”

Tristan Hyland

“Dr Tajmeel and his staff are very kind and professional. I would recommend going to this clinic as treatment prices are very good compared with others and the service they provide is great.”

David Swann

“Extremely pleased with the results of my fillers today, such a lovely friendly and professional service. I will definitely be returning here.”