Fibroblast Plasma – Love Plasma

If you are looking to cover up wrinkles and enhance your natural features, then look no further than love plasma treatment from Tajmeel Clinic.

Our team have the experience necessary to competently carry out this fantastic procedure that will present you with outstanding results. Read on to discover why this treatment has become so popular, and how our team can help.

What is Love Plasma?

Introduced by Theresa Wild, the love plasma pen is a device used for non-invasive procedure that allows for dynamic skin-lifting and rejuvenation. Many patients choose this option as they get the same results as they would from an invasive procedure without having to go under the knife. You can capture a natural, more youthful look and reduce your unwanted features through the quick and straightforward process that love plasma entails.

The pen itself produces a small plasma flash that leaps from the device to your skin, instantly minimising the surrounding skin. During this process, many tiny brown spots are strategically placed, forcing the skin around them to tighten through the cells pulling closer together. This procedure reduces excess skin quickly and leads to instant results, making it perfect for dealing with crow’s feet, hooded eyelids and more!

We at Tajmeel Clinic feel that there are many benefits to choosing the love plasma method for skin-tightening.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Quick Recovery Time
  • Low-Risk Procedure
  • Far More Cost Effective
  • No Cutting of the Skin (So No Stitches!)
  • And Many More!
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Why Choose Tajmeel Clinic?

At Tajmeel Clinic, we’re proud of the excellent reputation that we’ve built up. Their experience and knowledge help to make us an ideal choice for those interested in cosmetic treatments. Not only will you be undergoing a procedure in adherence with strict GMC guidelines, but you’ll also be receiving a first-class patient experience. You won’t find another practice more competent in the love plasma procedure than ours.

If the love plasma procedure or any of our other treatments are of interest to you, be sure to get in touch with our team at Tajmeel Clinic today. We are determined to provide with results that are guaranteed to impress, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel you could benefit.

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