Introducing the Regenera System – Rigeneracons and Adipecons, which are disposable devices, are what make up this innovative system. Different activation devices, such as Sicurdrill or even the Regenera machine, can be used in tandem with these devices. But what are Rigeneracons and Adipecons? They are, in short, mechanical disruptors. Their function is to disrupt biological tissues, such as derma, connective, and bone tissue, dental pulp, and fat.

This allows for the collection of micro-grafts in a way that minimises invasiveness, is homologous, and autologous.

Regenera in Use

There are many procedures in which adipose tissue is used, and these micro-grafts can be used by many different medical professionals to that end, including:

  • Dermatologists
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Aesthetics Doctors
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons

Once the process of disruption is completed, the suspension containing the micro-grafts can either be used by itself or combined with other devices. The viability of micro-grafts after disintegration, according to various scientific studies, is around 75-80%. Between 5000 and 8000 micro-grafts can be acquired for each ml of lipoaspirate, simply by using Regenera HBW technology. This technology has obtained the necessary certifications (CE, FDA, and FMA).

Body Fat

Adipose tissue is the site in which the majority of fat is held in healthy adults. Here it is collected into groups and organised alongside the path of blood vessels in small lobules.

Androgenetic Alopecia

In cases of alopecia, Regenera technology can be utilised to assist in two ways. First, it helps the follicles to produce new hair, and second, it provides much-needed stimulation for already active follicles. Zero chemical agents are needed to carry out this procedure which can be completed in just 30 minutes.

The procedure is painless, highly effective, and you typically only have to wait around 30 days to see the first, noticeable results. As stated above, scientific evidence has shown the viability of micro-grafts to be an impressive 75-80%. A high percentage of pericet and endothelial cells are contained within micro-grafts, assisting greatly with promoting revascularisation, regrowth, and tissue regeneration.

Regenera Technology


Depigmented patches of skin are a symptom of vitiligo, which is a fairly common disorder. There are usually two different strategies when tackling vitiligo, and these are usually linked to the clinical classification or characteristics of the disease.

  • Strategy one involves arresting the progression of the active disease. The idea here is to limit the area in which depigmentation is found.
  • Strategy two focuses on taking the affected areas and correcting the depigmentation.

A dramatic improvement in the skin’s texture can be observed after just a few months, simply by using Regenera. But how is the treatment already carried out influenced by the inclusion of the micro-graft protocol?

It is influenced by the contributed growth factors contained in the cells of the vasculo-stromal system (SVE). It is advisable though to observe the signs of vitiligo, identified as a hypo-pigmented lesion for a set period, usually around three years. The area should’ve remained stable in that time, with no signs of growth or dissemination.


Micro-Grafts Theory

There are two fundamental pillars of regenerative biology which form the basis of Regenera technology.

Principle One

The side population – the existence of progenitor cells residing within a population with determined morphological features has been proven time and time again by various scientific papers. This is referred to as ‘side population’ and includes the main features of both size and the expression of stem markers. These markers are significantly higher than in the wild population.

Principle Two

The niche concept – cells are desegregation still stand within their own physiological niche, simply by preserving the extracellular matrix environment. Cells are afforded the opportunity to differentiate as they are supported by this niche, like ECM and growth factors.

Before Regenera Treatment After Regenera Treatment
Before Regenera Treatment After Regenera Treatment
Before Regenera Treatment After Regenera Treatment

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