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Have you been searching for a solution to your hair loss? Then contact Tajmeel Clinic, providers of the best scalp micropigmentation Bournemouth has available. We are the number one aesthetics and hair clinic in Dorset, so be sure to get in touch if you believe we can help. Give us a call now on 01202 245 033 or email our team at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Here at Tajmeel Clinic, we’re delighted to offer patients the best scalp micropigmentation Bournemouth has to offer. Our team work closely with all patients to ensure that they receive suitable treatment that will yield the desired results. Continue reading to learn more about our alopecia solutions and find out why our team are so highly sought after. 

In the time that we’ve been operating, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most reliable aesthetic and hair clinics in Dorset. Our staff all come from experienced medical backgrounds, so they’re confident in being able to advise patients sufficiently. Thanks to our long history of success, we’re confident in being able to fulfil the needs of all patients. It is because of the skill of our medical team that so many patients choose us for scalp micropigmentation in Bournemouth. 

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The Best Treatment for hair loss, SMP (Hair tattoo). 

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), is the process by which your head is tattooed with what appear to be small hair follicles to give the illusion of a close shave. This solution is perfect for those suffering from alopecia who are losing self-confidence over their hair loss. To have such a treatment carried out correctly, you must go to a proven hair clinic. As such, we at Tajmeel Clinic are the popular choice for scalp micropigmentation in Bournemouth. 

After an initial consultation, our team will schedule in for the first appointment, in which we’ll establish the hairline and inject a low density of dots. For your second appointment, which is usually around ten days later, we’ll complete the pigmentation process fully with the established hairline. Though a third appointment can be made, it is not always necessary. The results garnered by this straightforward process makes ours the best scalp micropigmentation Bournemouth clients can get. 

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment:

Embark on a journey to restored confidence and a revitalised appearance with the transformative benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment. This innovative solution offers a non-invasive and effective approach to address hair loss concerns. SMP involves the application of specialised pigments to the scalp, creating the illusion of fuller hair and a well-defined hairline. The benefits of this treatment extend beyond aesthetics, encompassing a boost in self-esteem and a renewed sense of personal style. SMP is suitable for individuals with various degrees of hair loss, providing a versatile solution for both men and women. With minimal discomfort and no downtime, clients can enjoy immediate and lasting results. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional hair restoration methods and embrace the natural-looking, confidence-boosting effects of Scalp Micropigmentation at our clinic.

Offering More Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment 

As well as being available for a scalp micropigmentation, Bournemouth clients can also take advantage of us for the following treatments: 

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And Many More!

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Bournemouth
Hair Transplant Bournemouth

Why Choose Us for Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment in Bournemouth? 

We at Tajmeel Clinic want patients to know that they’re dealing with a reliable clinic. As such, we’re proud to boast that we’re fully accredited by the Care Quality Commission and are registered with the General Medical CouncilThese endorsements of quality set us apart as providers of the best scalp micropigmentation Bournemouth clients can get. 

Over the years, we have carried out treatment for many patients in Bournemouth. As a result of our efforts, we’ve received many positive reviews, most of which can be found on our dedicated testimonials page. After reading through this positive feedback, you’re sure to be convinced that we offer the best Bournemouth scalp micropigmentation treatment. 

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So, if you’d like to take advantage of the best scalp micropigmentation Bournemouth has to offer, contact us at Tajmeel Clinic today! Our staff are always willing to discuss our various treatments in more detail, so call us now on 01202 245 033 if you require further information. Alternatively, email any queries to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.