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Have you been searching for a proven cosmetic clinic that is available for treatments involving Regenera Activa? Hampshire patients, look no further, as you’ve now found the experts at Tajmeel Clinic! We’re delighted to be the first-choice clinic for local patients who are looking to make positive aesthetic changes to their hair. Our skilled and knowledgeable team is confident in being able to fulfil the cosmetic needs of all local patients.

If you’re interested in our hair treatments and our Regenera Activa options, be sure to get in touch with our cosmetic experts today. We will be happy to provide you with the required information, so call us now on 01202 245 033 to get started with our treatments. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Below, you can learn more about our Regenera Activa treatments and find out why we’re such a popular cosmetic clinic in Hampshire.

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Effective Regenera Activa Hampshire Clients Can Rely On

Here at Tajmeel Clinic, we’re delighted to be the number one team for patients in Hampshire who are looking for effective hair loss treatments and procedures. We’re proud to offer procedures for hair loss that include the use of the highly effective Regenera Activa technique. Our staff have the skill and understanding that’s required to deliver excellent results to all of our patients in Hampshire.

We have moved with the cosmetics industry in recent years to make sure that we can deliver the best hair loss treatments to our patients. Every member of our team has a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetic and hair treatments that we offer and is confident in being able to fulfil the needs of every patient. Through our treatments, you’ll be able to attain your dream appearance and restore a more youthful look.

Benefits of Regenera Activa

Regenera Active is a treatment technique that has been developed in recent years and is highly effective for treating hair loss in both men and women. Hair loss is an issue that affects many individuals, with many people being embarrassed by the sudden loss of their hair. Losing hair can age men dramatically, and it’s an even more pertinent issue for women, in whom hair loss is uncommon. However, thanks to Regenera Activa, everyone can reduce the effects of hair loss and begin to regain a youthful appearance.

The first step to taking advantage of Regenera Activa is a consultation, during which it will need to be determined whether the treatment is suitable for your needs. At Tajmeel Clinic, our staff will ask you to provide details of your hair loss issues before introducing you to the specifics of the Regenera Activa process. If you’re happy to proceed, we will then book you in for your pre-op, which consists of skin samples being obtained from the nape of the neck after local anaesthesia is applied.

The samples of skin that are collected are then mechanically processed before being filtered in a specially designed device that isolates progenitor cells and growth factors. Isolating these key components of the skin samples is vital to making the Regenera Activa process work. The regenerative process begins as the prepared suspension is reintroduced into the scalp using fine needles. This stage stimulates the regenerative process in the blood, allowing for the formation and repair of hair follicles.

Once the treatment has been completed, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy as your hair begins to grow back in the targeted areas. One of the main benefits of the Regenera Activa treatment is that the procedure leads to long-lasting results that are highly effective. Unlike some other hair loss treatments, Regenera Activa will provide you with a permanent solution, allowing you to continuously grow strong and great-looking hair in the areas that it was once lost.

Regenera Activa Hampshire

Other Treatments Available

At Tajmeel Clinic, it has always been our aim to cater to the needs of as many local patients in Hampshire as possible. It’s for this reason that we’ve continued to expand the selection of treatments that we offer. Thanks to the skill, knowledge, and versatility of our staff, we’re able to carry out a range of cosmetic procedures to an exceptionally high standard. No matter what type of treatment you’re interested in, you can depend on our staff to exceed expectations and leave you wholly satisfied.

Regardless of what type of treatment you require, the first step to working with our team is to contact us. You will be taken through a thorough consultation process, during which we will ask you to outline your aesthetic needs and desires. Whether you have a clear idea of what type of treatment you need or you don’t know where to start, our experts will provide you with useful advice and recommendations. We always tailor our treatments and procedures to the requirements of our clients.

As we have continued to operate in Hampshire, we’ve broadened the selection of treatments and procedures that we offer. From effective hair loss treatments to general cosmetic improvements, our team can complete a variety of quality procedures. Read on to learn more about the many different treatments that we have available for local patients. If you still have further questions after reading about these procedures, reach out to our experts in Hampshire for more information.

Hair Treatments

Some of the most popular treatments that we at Tajmeel Clinic offer are those related to hair. Hair loss and other similar issues can affect men and women of all ages, which is why we have an extensive range of hair procedures and treatments available. All of our hair treatments are tried and tested, and our staff have plenty of experience when it comes to practising them all. Some of the highly effective hair treatments that our Hampshire patients can take advantage of, besides Regenera Activa, include:

Hair Transplant

Beard Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Platelet Rich Plasma

With all of our transplant treatments, patients are taken through a swift and straightforward process where we take advantage of either Follicular Unit Exclusion (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both of these hair transplantation methods are highly effective, painless, and lead to lasting results. Generally, a hair transplant can take anywhere between five-ten hours, depending on your specific case. You can see some of the stunning results of our hair treatments on our website.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) is a treatment that is excellent for dealing with hair loss and thinning hair. The application of PRP to the skin encourages the growth of collagen, as well as tissue regeneration. This is an effective type of treatment for people who are interested in long-term solutions for hair loss and other similar conditions. With all of our hair-related treatments, we put the needs of our patients first, as we make sure that the treatment that we deliver is perfect for their specific needs.

Aesthetics Treatments

As well as being available for a selection of quality hair treatments, we at Tajmeel Clinic also offer a selection of high-quality aesthetic treatments to our patients in Hampshire. With advances in modern medicine and non-surgical procedures, there are now many more ways in which to enhance your appearance in line with your wants and desires. Below are listed some of the highly effective aesthetic procedures that we have available for patients in Hampshire:

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Dermal Fillers

Micro-Needling Pen

Wrinkle Reduction Injections

Fibroblast Plasma

With all of our aesthetic treatments and procedures, we work closely with patients to make sure that they are left wholly satisfied. We only use the latest equipment and research when carrying out these non-surgical procedures, as we make sure that our clients get the best results possible. If you’d like further information on any of our aesthetic treatments and would like to get started with our specialists in Hampshire, contact our friendly team today!

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Our Prices

We at Tajmeel Clinic believe that it’s important for cosmetic treatments to be available for patients in Hampshire for a reasonable price. People shouldn’t be priced out of getting their dream appearance, which is why we’ve made sure that our various treatments are affordable without compromising on quality. When it comes to our Regenera Activa treatments for hair loss, patients can expect to pay around £1,700. For a full breakdown of our costs, take a look through the prices page on our website.

Please note: Tajmeel Clinic is open by appointment only.

Why Choose Us for Regenera Activa Hampshire Clients?

We at Tajmeel Clinic have been operating successfully in Hampshire for many years. Our skilled team has helped many local patients deal with their hair loss issues through our excellent Regenera Activa treatments. With all of our treatments, our team has made sure that patients are comfortable in our clinic and have a clear understanding of the procedures that we offer. Thanks to our impressive history of success, Hampshire patients continue to choose us to take advantage of Regenera Activa treatments.

One of the reasons why we are the most popular clinic for Regenera Activa and other similar treatments is because of the skill and knowledge possessed by our staff. Every member of our team has been thoroughly trained and has plenty of experience concerning Regenera Activa procedures. We constantly make sure that our staff have the latest information and understanding regarding this treatment so that they can continue to deliver the best service possible to our patients in Hampshire.

We believe that it’s our duty to deliver a fantastic service to our patients, as well as oversee high-quality procedures. It’s for this reason that we’ve continued to improve our standards of customer service to ensure that all patients are left satisfied. Thanks to our efforts over the years, we’ve received many positive reviews from past patients, most of which can be read on our testimonials page. The comments here will give you a better idea of what to expect from our Regenera Activa specialists in Hampshire.

Our staff realise how important it is for patients in Hampshire to know that they’re dealing with a reliable team when it comes to Regenera Activa treatment for hair loss. After all, this is a costly procedure, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re working with specialists. Rest assured, we at Tajmeel Clinic are fully endorsed by the Care Quality Commission. This organisation recognises the quality of the treatments and procedures that we offer, so you know you’re working with the best clinic in Hampshire.

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So, would you like to take advantage of our excellent Regenera Activa services? Then reach out to us at Tajmeel Clinic today! Our experts will be more than willing to go through your queries and provide you with the required information concerning our Regenera Activa treatments. We will answer your questions in full and make sure that you have a full understanding of our treatment options. Our aim is to get Hampshire patients set up with our treatments as quickly as possible.

If you’d prefer to speak with one of our hair treatment experts directly, you can do so by calling us on 01202 245 033. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to chat, email your questions to [email protected] or fill out our online contact form. Whatever contact method you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you’re dealing with hair treatment specialists. You can depend on the team at Tajmeel Clinic to bring your aesthetic desires to life!