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Do you suspect that you recently had COVID-19 but are not certain? Would you like to know if you have developed antibodies for the virus? Well, here at Tajmeel Clinic we provide testing options for our clients, including antibody testing kits. Bournemouth clients will be able to discover whether their body has developed antibodies after contracting the virus. To purchase one of or tests, call 01202 245033.

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As well as supplying antibody testing kits, Bournemouth clients should know that we also offer the PCR swab test. This particular test is designed to find out whether you currently have COVID-19. As mentioned, not everyone shows symptoms when they contract the virus, and those that do, don’t show them up until two weeks after infection.


By taking our PCR swab test, we can take samples from your upper airways, which will identify any traces of the virus. Within 72 hours, the results and report will be emailed back from the laboratory. If it comes back positive, it is essential that you self-isolate so as not to infect your family or anyone else. This alongside our Bournemouth COVID-19 antibody tests is helping the country’s effort in handling the pandemic.

The PCR swab test, which costs £140, is particularly helpful for those of you who need to travel. Having a negative result is a requirement for entry to certain countries. Whether you require this test or our antibody test in Bournemouth, we will provide you with all the instructions you need.

Reliable Bournemouth COVID-19 Antibody Tests

The world changed at the beginning of 2020 when it became clear that a deadly virus had swept the globe. First identified in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 quickly spread around the world, forcing nations to put their citizens into lockdown. It became swiftly evident that the virus – officially named SARS-CoV-2 – was spread via respiratory droplets through coughing and sneezing. Initially, many did not even know they had the virus, but with our antibody test in Bournemouth, you can now find out.

For only £40, you can undergo our reliable test, which will be able to identify traces of antibodies within your system. The human body produces these antibodies after being infected with an illness, using them to fight off future infection. Due to this particular coronavirus being the first of its kind, no human had initial protection, tragically leading to deaths around the world. To give yourself peace of mind, take one of our antibody testing kits, Bournemouth clients.

While there is no doubt that taking our Bournemouth COVID-19 antibody tests will signify whether you have had the virus, it will also tell you whether you currently have it. Not everybody displays symptoms when they have the virus, but it is important to be aware of what those symptoms are. They include:

High Temperature

Persistent Cough

Loss or Change of Taste

Loss or Change of Smell

By providing this antibody test in Bournemouth, we are giving residents and our regular clients peace of mind. Everyone at Tajmeel Clinic advocates for optimum safety at this time, so by having an antibody test you can learn whether or not your body is equipped to fight off the virus. Get in touch with a member of our staff today to get your own test.

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Why You Can Trust Our Antibody Testing Kits, Bournemouth Clients

Here at Tajmeel Clinic, we are well aware of the stress and worry that the pandemic is putting on families all across the country. Some have lost their jobs, while others have lost loved ones over the course of the last 12 months. With reliable testing, we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and we are helping others discover if they already have a level of protection throughout antibody testing kits. Bournemouth clients should get in touch today.

It could not be easier to get your hands on our antibody testing kits, Bournemouth clients. All you have to do is give us a call and we will arrange for one to be collected at our clinic. We work swiftly and efficiently to get you the answers you need.

Please note: Tajmeel Clinic is open by appointment only.

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To order one of our antibody testing kits, Bournemouth should give us a call on 01202 245033. Alternatively, send an email to i[email protected] or fill in our online form.