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Have you heard great things about a procedure referred to as scalp pigmentation? Bournemouth customers who are experiencing hair loss should book a consultation at Tajmeel Clinic today to determine their suitability for this revolutionary cosmetic treatment. We are here to help and answer your questions – give us a call today on 01202 245 033.

Permanent Scalp Pigmentation Bournemouth Will Love

As you may already know, hair thinning and eventual loss is a very common issue that affects men and women alike. While it takes different forms, it begins in most cases as thinning on the top of the head – this is what’s informally referred to as a widow’s peak. This is where Bournemouth scalp pigmentation comes in.

Hair loss can have a negative effect on people’s confidence, so a scalp pigmentation Bournemouth based Tajmeel Clinic offers is an excellent solution. You will feel great about your hairline and be able to live a more positive life with improved self-esteem.

In a lot of cases, men simply shave all of their hair off completely in order to disguise the thinning process. This won’t be necessary with scalp pigmentation in Bournemouth as the procedure will create the appearance of a closely trimmed scalp instead.

What Exactly is Scalp Pigmentation, Bournemouth?

With scalp pigmentation, Bournemouth customers will enjoy an effect that is achieved by the realistic recreation of tiny hair follicles. It’s a completely non-invasive procedure that involves the use of specialist sterile micro-needles.

These needles are utilised by our Bournemouth scalp pigmentation experts to inject pigment into the scalp. All treatments are completely bespoke – we will go over your requirements thoroughly as age, bone structure, and head shape all factor in.

In most cases, this scalp pigmentation in Bournemouth is carried out over the course of three separate sessions. A third treatment isn’t always required, though, as the initial two can already achieve the desired aesthetic in some cases.

Come to Tajmeel Clinic for A Bournemouth Scalp Pigmentation Treatment

Tajmeel Clinic is the only clinic that you’ll ever need for high quality cosmetic and hair treatments carried out by trained professionals at affordable prices that won’t break the bank. Ours is definitely the best scalp pigmentation Bournemouth can get.

We possess many years of hands-on experience and only employ qualified experts who have received the appropriate training. In fact, more and more customers reach out to us because they’ve discovered our clinic through a recommendation, which makes us very proud.

Scalp Pigmentation in Bournemouth

Every treatment starts with a consultation to determine suitability. We strongly believe in a bespoke approach that is going to improve the client’s life, so we would never suggest something that you don’t actually need.

It’s this dedication to our customers that has made us so popular in Dorset as well as all of the surrounding counties, with many clients travelling from even further away. Only as a Tajmeel Clinic patient will you be able to enjoy and take advantage of all of the following guarantees and benefits:

  • Affordable Prices
  • Bespoke Treatment Plans
  • Free Initial Consultations
  • Only Premium Grade Products Used
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Scalp Pigmentation Professionals with Accreditations

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