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Do you battle with your self-confidence? Has your self-esteem been lowered by hair loss or a thinning of the hairline? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that a solution is at hand. Here at Tajmeel Clinic, customers can come for scalp micropigmentation. Winchester clients, using cutting-edge techniques and latest, state-of-the-art equipment, we can offer results that are truly life-altering. To request a consultation, call us today on 01202 245033.

Ease Your Hair Loss Woes with Scalp Micropigmentation in Winchester

While predominantly affecting men, women too can suffer the self-esteem-knocking reality of hair loss and hair thinning. Common causes include illness, genetics, medical procedures such as chemotherapy, chemicals, etc. In most cases, the loss or thinning is permanent, leading to a loss of self-confidence in one’s own image. The good news is that if you’re in this position, there is a solution – scalp micropigmentation, Winchester residents.

Those who may wish to consider this procedure are those who take to disguising their hair loss. For women, this often means donning a hat or other head garment. For men, this can often mean donning headwear or even shaving their hair off entirely. Thanks to our Winchester scalp micropigmentation treatments, however, such radical actions need not be necessary.

Scalp Micropigmentation – Winchesters Answer to Hair Loss and Thinning

Scalp micropigmentation is a revolutionary technique which involves injecting pigment into the scalp using micro-needles. The process is entirely painless and non-invasive; the pigment colour chosen to match your hair colour and once completed will give you the appearance of a shaved head. As your hair grows out, the pigments will create the illusion of a thicker, fuller-looking head of hair.

The benefits of scalp micropigmentation in Winchester are numerous. Those who’ve undergone the treatment will notice the following effects:

  • Restoration of Receding Hairlines
  • Thickening of Thinning Hair
  • Camouflaging of Scarring
  • Creation of a Shaved Look

While the procedure is not physically restoring your lost hair, it instead creates a look which, to the casual observer, will disguise the hair loss/ thinning entirely.

Consultation and Treatment

Prior to beginning scalp micropigmentation, Winchester clients will be invited along for a FREE consultation. We’ll take this opportunity to discuss your requirements, allay any concerns you might have, talk you through the procedure, and establish the correct pigment to use. If you’re happy to proceed beyond this stage, we’ll schedule you in for your first treatment.

Our Winchester scalp micropigmentation treatment is usually carried out over multiple sessions. First, we establish the hairline and inject a series of lower density dots. The initial pigment will have begun to fade around the ten-day mark, at which point we’ll correct the hairline. We’ll then either continue with the chosen pigment or increase or decrease the tone as required.

If you would like to learn more about scalp micropigmentation, Winchester residents can always reach out to Tajmeel Clinic by calling us on 01202 245033. Our friendly team will always be happy to help.

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Why Choose Our Winchester Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic?

Tajmeel Clinic is a CQC registered clinic that was founded in 2017 by Dr Mohamad Khalil. Dr Khalil’s vast experience and the training he undertook at an accredited hair transplant centre have made him the best person to guide our clinic forward. Today, we’re proud to be recognised as a General Medical Council approved clinic offering high-quality treatments, such as scalp micropigmentation in Winchester.

When you come to us for scalp micropigmentation, Winchester clients, you’ll be seen by fully qualified and certified medical professionals. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to facilitate any requirement, with premium-grade products that ensure exceptional results. We promote client care and safety, above all else. And while you’re here, we’ll always strive to make you feel completely at ease.

We’ll never try to upsell a treatment you don’t need and will never recommend a treatment that’s simply not right for you. We believe in telling the client what they need to hear; we feel that this ethical approach is the best way of ensuring that our clients receive the right treatment. This is why Tajmeel Clinic is consistently recommended by our clients to their friends, family, and associates.

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