Bournemouth SMP

Have you noticed your hair thinning? Are you worried about premature balding and are looking for a solution? Here at Tajmeel Clinic, we provide scalp micropigmentation, a non-surgical procedure that recreates the appearance of a shaved head. For individuals based in Bournemouth, SMP will restore receding hairlines and thicken thinning hair. To book a consultation with one of our medical specialists, call 01202 245033.

Get Life-Changing Results from SMP, Bournemouth Clients

Receding hairlines are relatively common in men, and for some individuals, they begin thinning at an early age. If this occurs, it can bring with it a sense of embarrassment and self-esteem issues. If you are currently suffering, you won’t have to worry for much longer as we here at Tajmeel Clinic provide scalp micropigmentation (SMP) in Bournemouth.

Our Bournemouth SMP procedure consists of using micro-needles to inject pigment into the scalp and create the image of a shaved head. During the consultation process we will make sure that the pigment matches the natural colour of your hair. The pigment acts as tiny hair follicles that will be meticulously injected into your scalp.

Bournemouth SMPWhen you come to Tajmeel Clinic for SMP, Bournemouth clients can rest assured knowing that every treatment is tailored to each individual. We will determine the best hairline to match your age and face. Keep in mind that our consultation is free of charge, so it is certainly worth coming along to find out if this treatment is suitable for you.

There are many reasons why an individual would want to undergo SMP in Bournemouth, and we have listed a handful of them below:

  • Receding Hairlines are Restored
  • Thinning Hair is Thickened
  • You Achieve the Appearance of a Shaved Head
  • Scarring can be Covered

Session 1

When you decide to go ahead with our Bournemouth SMP treatment, the length of the process will be explained to you. Generally, three sessions are required to complete the procedure. During the first session we will determine the correct hairline and inject a low density of dots.

Session 2

Around 10 days after the first session, we will complete the second part of the process. We initially inject a low density because we want the pigment to fade by the second session of SMP. Bournemouth clients will then be able to see whether an increase in tone is needed or the original chosen pigment is appropriate. Our medical specialists will then proceed to inject the remaining pigment.

Session 3

The third session is not always necessary, but if a top-up is required, you can return for SMP in Bournemouth around one to two months after the second treatment. At this point, if you have had your entire scalp covered, you’ll notice a shaved head appearance. For specific areas of thinning, your hair will look much thicker.

Why Come to Tajmeel Clinic for Bournemouth SMP?

Since 2017, Tajmeel Clinic has become the go-to clinic for individuals seeking hair and aesthetic treatments. We have a team of experienced and highly trained medical specialists that perform a range of procedures in Bournemouth. SMP is one of many treatments that we provide, as well as dermal fillers, non-surgical PDO thread lifting, and many more.

Dr Mohamad Khalil is the founder of our clinic, bringing a wealth of expertise to the aesthetics and cosmetics industry. Dr Khalil performs a range of treatments, including hair transplants, in Bournemouth. SMP is a procedure that the team at Tajmeel Clinic has perfected, so you can trust that you are in capable hands.

Book a Consultation

To book a consultation to discuss our Bournemouth SMP treatment, give our team a call on 01202 245033 or 07474 076830. Alternatively, send an email to or contact us by filling in our online form.